The Upper Limb Clinic

Hand surgeon in Kingston, Wimbledon or Syon


Our consultant surgeons answer some FAQs from patients before and after hand and shoulder surgery. Have more questions? Get in touch.

Will I be charged for my appointments?

You are responsible for all costs incurred when you use private medicine.

If you provide details of your insurance cover and pre-authorisation code we can send invoices direct to your insurance company. If you are self paying we will send invoices direct to you. The charges for all appointments and procedures can be confirmed prior to treatment so that no unexpected costs are incurred. Please don’t hesitate to ask your surgeon or his secretary for this information. Ultimately, any excess on your policy or costs not covered by your insurer remain your responsibility.

Who contacts the insurance company to inform them of my treatment?

Details of treatment and the codes used by your insurance company will be provided by your consultant or his secretary but it remains your responsibility to inform your insurance company so that they can authorise any investigations or treatment.

How long will I have to wait for surgery?

Procedures are usually performed within one to three weeks. If you prefer to plan something further in advance we can usually confirm availability up to several months ahead.